University Leadership

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President’s Office


Provost’s Office

    • Provost: David Wu
    • Vice Provost, Academic Affairs: Michelle Marks
    • Vice President, Enrollment Management: Wayne Sigler
    • Vice President, Global Strategies: Anne Schiller
    • Vice President, Research and Economic Development: Vikas Chandhoke
    • Vice President, University Life: Rose Pascarell
    • Associate Provost, Distance Education: Goodlett McDaniel
    • Associate Provost, Enrollment Planning & Administration: Renate Guilford
    • Associate Provost, Faculty Development: Kim Eby
    • Associate Provost, Graduate Education: Cody Edwards
    • Associate Provost, Institutional Effectiveness: Karen Gentemann
    • Associate Provost, Institutional Research & Reporting: Kris Smith
    • Chief Executive Officer, Prince William Campus: Annie Hunt Burriss
    • Associate Provost, International Programs: Yehuda Lukacs
    • Associate Provost, Undergraduate Education: Janette Muir
    • Associate Vice President, Research Operations: Mike Laskofski
    • University Librarian: John Zenelis
    • Assistant Provost, Academic Affairs: Claudia Rector
    • Assistant Vice President, Regional Campuses: Kathleen Johnson
    • Assistant Vice President, University Life: Patricia Carretta
    • Assistant Vice President, University Life: Jana Hurley
    • Assistant Vice President, University Life: Pam Patterson


Senior Vice President’s Office

    • Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance: Jennifer (J.J.) Davis
    • Vice President for Facilities: Thomas Calhoun
    • Vice President, Information Technology, CIO: Marilyn Smith
    • Associate Vice President and Controller, Fiscal Services: Elizabeth Brock
    • Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer: Linda Harber
    • Assistant Vice President, Auxiliary Enterprises: Gregg Toney
    • Assistant Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics: Thomas O’Connor
    • Assistant Vice President, Environmental Health & Safety: Julie Zobel
    • University Counsel: Thomas Moncure
    • Assistant Vice President, Budget & Planning and Chief Budget Officer: Guilbert Brown
    • Internal Audit & Management Services: Kenneth Hubble
    • Chief of Police: Eric Heath




Mason Songdo Campus

President’s Council

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