Patriot Passwords

Ever been somewhere and felt as if the locals were speaking another language? Here are some key Mason-related terms to help you fit in like a full-fledged Patriot.

An annual tradition, bench decorating occurs every fall when select student organizations let out their inner Picassos and paint the wooden benches in front of Fenwick Library.

Looking for the heart of campus? Head over to the JC. The JC, or Johnson Center, is home to a food court, a library, a cinema, the campus bookstore, a computer shop, and more.

Everyone needs a little downtime and that’s just what Mason Day provides. This springtime ritual has been held every year since even before Mason became a university! A full day of festival games and a concert, it’s basically a daylong party.

You can’t miss the Masonettes. At basketball games or on campus, Mason’s dance team knows how to keep the beat.

Basketball can’t begin without a little Mason Madness. It’s the yearly event that kicks off the team’s season in style with a rally at the Patriot Center that shows off Mason’s basketball players and coaches.

Parkapalooza takes place in Presidents Park, a freshman housing area, every spring during the open house for prospective students. Get set for a battle of the bands, a dunk tank, free food, and more outdoor fun.

The Patriot Platoon is where you’ll find the most spirited Patriots. As part of the Platoon, students show their school spirit and support Mason Athletics at games and fun Platoon-only events.

Presidents Park is the residential complex where most incoming freshmen live. It is also the location of Ike’s, the popular, almost all-night eatery on campus.

Mason’s on-campus bar is the Rathskeller, or the Rat. If you’re of age, you can partake in a refreshing adult beverage or just stop by for the burgers.

Not to be confused with the Rat, the RAC is the nickname of the Recreational Athletic Complex, one of the workout facilities on campus near the Mason Inn. The RAC offers fitness classes in addition to having some of the latest equipment and basketball and racquetball courts.

Lined with benches (see “bench decorating” above), the Quad is a popular student meeting spot, anchored by Fenwick Library, Robinson Hall, and Student Union Building I, which brings us to…

SUB (Student Union Building) I is home to a food court that features the Rat and Chick-fil-A and several student services offices.

SUB II, now called the Hub, is home to student organizations, including media groups such as the Broadside, Mason’s student-run newspaper, and WGMU, the campus radio station. The Hub also hosts student services offices, such as mail services and the ID office.

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Nathan Secrest

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