Mason Traditions

The George Mason Statue – Decorating
Decorating GeorgeGeorge can often be found holding green and yellow balloons or adorned in Mason gear. Student groups compete for the opportunity to dress and decorate George. Recognized student organizations, academic departments, and university offices may fill out a request to decorate George to promote an event or events they are sponsoring or to highlight a special achievement.

The George Mason Statue – Toe Rubbing
Another statue tradition is to rub George’s toe for good luck before an exam!

The George Mason Statue – Picture Taking
Have you officially graduated if you haven’t had your photo taken at the statue, preferably in cap and gown? Why take the chance. Traffic is heavy around the statue during Commencement season. There are usually lines of people waiting to snap the family posed in front of George.

Bench Painting
Tradition, Student Organization Bench PaintingThere was once a time in the history of the university when all we had for a gathering place was the Quad in front of Fenwick Library. For years student organizations have painted those benches that line the walkway to gain recognition for their group. With more than 300 student organizations, the competition for these benches is fierce. Painting takes place in the spring.

Winter Homecoming
It has been more than a decade since the university moved our Homecoming to February (yes, February) so we can celebrate with basketball. There are sometimes flurries and bitter temps, but we do love our men’s basketball team so it is worth it. A certain other school in the Colonial Athletic Association now also has a winter homecoming. Coincidence? We think not.

Mason Day
George Mason University has been celebrating Mason Day since before we were a independent university. It began in 1965 as the Mason’s version of University of Virginia’s Founders Day, which celebrated Thomas Jefferson’s birthday on April 13th. It has grown and shrunk over the years, and moved all over campus. But it has always featured music at the main attraction. At its peak it was a weekend-long festival that had folks camping out on the Quad. Now it take place in one of the outer parking lots and included food like funnel cakes and amusement park rides, in addition to the bands.

Meet Mason Students

Women's Shelter donations with Joy Tharrington

Joyous Tharrington

Women’s basketball player Joyous Tharrington was so inspired by her Women and Gender Studies class on domestic violence that she started a service project. With the help of her teammates, the sociology major began collecting toiletries as the team traveled during the semester to donate to a local women’s shelter. Several hotels even donated to […]

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